Management of health care risk waste and hazardous industrial waste


Pearly Blue

PearlyHomePage2Pearly Blue is a waste management company founded by professionals in the field of health and science. We offer a more environmental centered business approach and we pride ourselves on safety, responsibility and service. Our Directors who have served in the fields of health and science, understand the concept of sustainability and the ‘’cradle to the grave’’ value chain. We bind ourselves to current South African legislation, regarding transport, treatment and disposal of all hazardous and specialised waste within the industry.

How can we help?

We are a progressive company that provides solutions for Industrial and Health Care Risk waste. This includes infectious, pathological, sharps, pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory and any other waste that is defined as hazardous in any applicable legislation. We  provide a service for all waste which cannot be disposed of in the general municipal waste stream or which requires specialised treatment. 


Leaders and innovators in waste management as well as sustainability, for a better tomorrow.                                                                                 

Providing clients with a personalised service created by professionals in the field of health and science. To provide peace of mind, quality service and quality products, in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.