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You can rest assured knowing that you are in the hands of our professionals.


Pearly icom   Farzil Cassim
    BPharm (Rhodes University)

My role as a health care professional has given me the insight to care responsibly, not only for people, but our environment as well. Every industry has an impact on the environment and the community at large, as a professional your work does not end with your field of practice, but extends beyond. 

Pearly icom  Hassan Cassim
   BA (political science, philosophy and law), LLB.

Specializing in commercial and business law. Experience in project management, mergers and acquisitions.

Pearly icom  Samirah Dhoodhat
   B Comm

I am a professional in marketing brands and following market trends. I ensure that Pearly Blue offers the most competitive pricing and professional service, all according to the clients needs.

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